Medal of Distinguished Service of the Israel Prison Service

Hebrew name: Itur HaMofet

Awarded by the Prison Commissioner, for an act of exemplary bravery.


Original Design

The designer of the medal was Nathan Karp. The original medal is a silver disc of 39 mm diameter and weight 25 gr., showing a stylized candelabra with an olive branch within, above the service emblem. The medals were first minted by Kretschmer of Jerusalem and issued by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation, in 1975.

Medal: silver medal without silver mark but with serial number (here covered).

Clasp: Dimensions 45.2 x 14 mm. Silver mark 925 on the lower right corner.

The ribbon is blue with two thin white stripes, width 40 mm.



  Current design

The current medal shows the new symbol of the Prison Service