Sinai Campaign Commemorative Medals

Commemorative medals are presented to individuals or sold to the public as a souvenir of important events. These medals are no military decorations and can not be worn on uniforms, even if a ribbon is connected to the medal.



7th Tank brigade

An extremely rare commemorative medal dedicated to "the battle on the dam" in the Sinai Campaign ("Kadesh operation") in October 1956. In this operation, a few tanks of the 7th brigade succeeded after a hard fight to conquer the area near to "Abu-agila" cross-road in the Sinai desert.

The medal shows the emblem of the 7th brigade, the tank with the wings butting a wall/dam and in Hebrew written: "the battle on the dam" squadron A  "Kadesh operation" October 1956. This medal was given as a commemorative medal, only to the armor soldiers who fought in this battle.

Size of the medal is 35 mm.

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2   Commemorative medal for the 10th anniversary of the Sinai Campaign


Bronze: Size 59 mm, weight 98 gr.

Silver: Size 45 mm, weight 49 gr.

3   Commemorative medal for the 20th Independence day of Israel (1968) and the Sinai Campaign of 1956

Bronze: Size 60 mm, weight 103 gr.

Silver: Size 45mm, weight 45 gr.


50th Anniversary Of The Sinai Campaign And Battle For The Mitla Pass

Front: Paratroopers and Dakota airplanes typical of the period and the Hebrew words “Anniversary of the Mitla Parachuting and Battle” and the date.

Back: The design based on a picture by news photographer and paratrooper Avraham Vered from October 30, 1956, showing Israeli soldiers in the Sinai preparing for battle. On the top are the Hebrew words “The Fame and Honor of the Paratroopers and Fighters in the Mitla Battle”.

Designer: Meir Eshel



The 59mm Bronze medal commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Sinai Campaign was initiated by the Municipality of Ramat Gan, which awarded 600 of them to veterans of the 1956 battle. The 100 medals that remained were offered to IGCMC subscribers and sold out very quickly. Therefore the Israel Coins and Medals Corp. decided to strike a new version of this historic medal, in Bronze 50mm diameter, 49gr in a Limited Edition of 290 only.





6   Armor museum Latrun key fob, 2006

16th Latrun march honoring 50 years of the Sinai Campaign

Size: 40 mm


7   This medal is part of a series of gold medals dedicated to events in the history of Israel.



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