Two generations of Jewish fighters: Gershon and Yakov Bolde

First, we show the awards of the father, private Gershon Bolde, for participation in the First World War. Gershon Bolde was a Jewish resident of the land of Israel, for some time called Palestine, who volunteered to serve in the British army as a member of the Jewish Legion. The Jewish Legion was the name for five battalions of Jewish volunteers established as the British Army's 38th through 42nd (Service) Battalions of the Royal Fusiliers.

In the picture below we present:

Top left - a batch commemorating 50 years of the Jewish Legion
Below this the Eretz Israel Volunteers Medal
Bottom left the Volunteers ribbon, instituted in 1961 by the Israeli government to be presented to volunteers or their next of kin.

In the middle the British War Medal, at the right the Victory medal, marked on edge Gershon Bolde J-4684  Royal Fusiliers. Both medals were awarded to private Gershon Bolde by the British government.

Igor Ostapenko

Gershon's  son, private Yakov Bolde joined the Palmach and served as a medic during the War of Independence. Yakov was killed while treating the wounded in battle at Nabi Samuel near Jerusalem on 23.4.1948. The awards shown are his Palmach awards and the campaign ribbon for the War of Independence awarded by the IDF to his next of kin.

Igor Ostapenko

Yakov Bolde and friends of his Palmach unit