INS Dakar commemoration sails

INS Dakar (77-צ) was a modified British T class submarine formerly HMS Totem (P352) of the Royal Navy. In 1965 she was purchased by Israel, along with two of her T-class sisters, in 1965. She was commissioned into the Israeli Navy on 10 November 1967 as Dakar (Hebrew for "Swordfish") under the command of Major Ya'acov Ra'anan. Dakar left for Israel on 9 January 1968. However, she was lost at sea and never reached Haifa. Despite extensive searches over the course of three decades, her wreckage was not found until 1999.

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INS Dakar

Commemoration sails were held by the Israeli submarine veterans organisation "Dolphin".

Here medals of the sails of the years 2000 and 2001.



INS Dakar commemoration sail medal

INS Dakar commemoration sail medal
The remains of the conning tower of the Dakar, displayed in Haifa.