Special or rare items - anything related to medals, ribbons and decorations of Israel
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Petah Tikva medal
Medal awarded by Israeli military attaché in Chile
Yom Kippur War Commemorative medals
Six Day War Commemorative Medals, Tokens and Coins
Sinai Campaign Commemorative Medals
Foreign Medals connected to the Sinai - Suez Canal conflict of 1956
Campaign medals of the other side What medals did the Arabs get for fighting the Israelis?
Jewish decorations around the world
"Road of Heroism" Monument Medal
Jacob Aptekman, born in Russia, watchman in Palestine, volunteer in WW1 and WW2 in the British army.
IDF decorations in acrylic block
1943 Warsaw Getto Uprising Badge
 A cloth version of the Second Lebanon War Ribbon
State Warriors Commemorative Medal
In Blood and Fire, Israel arose Who knows this medal?
Founder of Bnei Or Lodge no.66 - freemasons medal
UK General Service Medal with clasp PALESTINE 1945-48 to soldier Szpunt
Two generations of Jewish fighters: Gershon and Yakov Bolde
Eretz Israel Volunteers Medal", 1918
Medal for Italian military attache in Israel for 3 periods of service
"Prime Minister's Medals" - keychains
Badge for the disabled
Badge for bereaved family Bereaved Families Badge
 The Five Medals Club

Junk medals or medals with misleading descriptions - offered on eBay

Medals displayed during funerals of statesman and senior officers

IDF Dog unit Oketz

INS Dakar commemoration sails