Jacob Aptekman

The veteran soldier shown here is Jacob Aptekman, born in Russia in 1895, who served as a watchman in Palestine in the new agricultural settlement of Rishon Lezion. In June 1918, after the British army conquered the land of Palestine and drove out the Turks, Jacob was able to join the British forces. He served in the 39th/38th/40th R Fusiliers and then 1st Judeans. He finished his service as a corporal in 1920. Also during WW2 he served in the British army. The picture shows his service ribbons and medals: two rows of Israeli items, below these two rows of British medals.

The picture would have been taken in 1963 or later, the year the Mishmar (Guards) Ribbon was first awarded.

Jacob was entitled to the Decoration of State Warriors, first awarded in 1968. Since the picture does not show this badge, we may assume that the picture was taken before 1968.

The badge in the middle of the top row is the badge for the defenders of Emek Yizrael (the biblical Jezreel Valley) as shown at the bottom of this page. In addition to the Palmach symbols, this badge shows the symbol of the 10th year of the independence of Israel, suggesting that the badge was presented in 1958.

With thanks to Mr. Edwin Parks for the picture of Jacob Aptekman. Mr. Alex Friedman and others supplied the picture and data of the last badge.

Edwin Parks
Edwin Parks