News on medals, ribbons and decorations in Israel

November 11, 2020

New campaign ribbon to be awarded for service in Lebanon Security Zone.

Minister of Defense Gantz approved the recommendation of chief of Staff Cochavi to award a campaign ribbon to IDF fighters who served in Lebanon between September 30, 1982 (the end of the First Lebanon War) and May 24, 2000, the day IDF left the security zone. Criteria for this campaign ribbon will be determined soon.

Aug 18, 2011

Legendary sharpshooter Pascal Avrahami killed by terrorist fire near the Egyptian border

August 2007

List of recipients of decorations of the Second Lebanon War was published

May 2005

New medal for WWII veterans

medal for  60 years to victory on Germany

April 12, 2005

Medal of Courage awarded to Border Police Superintendent Y. on combat leadership, archetype, courage, sensitivity and devotion to his missions. Superintendent Y. led his command in the current ongoing war, from operation to operation by volunteering for every mission.

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Januari 28, 2005

War of Attrition Ribbon to 74 old veteran

35 years after the War of Attrition, Moshe Yerushalmi received the fifth ribbon he is entitled to. Moshe, a former corporal, who served reserve duty till he became 55 years of age, earned 4 campaign ribbons for participation in  4 wars of Israel. However he missed the news of last year's distribution of the ribbon commemorating the War of Attrition. In january Moshe received the ribbon from the commander of the reserve forces, Brigadier General Ariel Heiman. At the picture Moshe Yerushalmi is seen showing his campaign ribbons and award documents.

22 April, 2003

Chief Of Staff Medal of Appreciation awarded to Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut

Pictures of award ceremony

April 3, 2003

War of Attrition Ribbon to be distributed starting May 7,2003

This ribbon was instituted according to Government Decision 2889 of January 17, 2003. Distribution will start on the coming Independence Day, May 7,2003, when the President of Israel will present the first ribbons. According to IDF publications, the number of IDF personnel entitled to this ribbon is 93, including 8 generals. The number of soldiers who are no longer on active duty and are entitled to this ribbon is 2562.

April 3, 2003

Commendation to be Bestowed Upon Colonel Ilan Ramon

IDF Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon decided to posthumously bestow upon Colonel Ilan Ramon a special commendation. Col. Ramon died in the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003, as he was serving as Israel's first astronaut.
Col. Ramon excelled in his service as a pilot and commander. As a pilot he participated in a variety of combat operations and as a commander he carried out vital command and staff assignments in a way that characterized his unique spirit - with professionalism, modesty, bravery, personal example, and exemplary leadership. Because of those qualities, Col. Ramon was selected to be Israel's first astronaut.

The commendation is bestowed upon Col. Ilan Ramon for the way in which he represented the State of Israel and the IDF. He displayed unconditional love for and loyalty to his heritage and his nation. In his life and in his death, Ilan was a representative and an ambassador of Israel to the diaspora. Col. Ramon will be remembered as an officer, an exceptional person, a pioneer, and a loyal son to his people and his land.
Source: IDF Spokeperson's Announcements

IDF to award 12 soldiers bravery citations
Twelve soldiers who fought in Operation Defensive Shield will receive citations for bravery from OC Central Command Maj-Gen. Yitzhak Eitan at a ceremony in Jerusalem this evening. Two of the awards are being granted posthumously and will be handed over to the families of Staff-Sgt. Menashe Hava and Capt. Kobi Azulai, who were killed when they fought to rescue wounded soldiers ambushed by Palestinian terrorists in the Jenin refugee camp. The 10 other soldiers who are to be cited for their determination and courage during Operation Defensive Shield are Maj. (res.) Baram Segev, Senior Warrant Officer Richard Awizrat, Capt. Tomer Tsiter, Sgt. Shenior Alfassi, Sgt. Ron Margalit, Maj. Nimrod Aloni, Capt. Alon Madanes, Capt. Ron Vardi, Capt. Kfir Cohen, and Capt. Ofir Levy.

In addition citations for bravery and awards of appreciation will also be handed out to specific reconnaissance units from the Paratrooper, Nahal, and reserve units who participated in battles in Jenin, Nablus, and Ramallah. Two members of the Eilon Moreh community response team, Avraham Zarbiv and Ya'acov Dolev, will be awarded appreciation certificates for their bravery and courage in extricating wounded members of the Gavish family from their home during a terrorist attack in which four family members were murdered.

Source: Jerusalem Internet Edition