The Haganah Ribbon - award documents, ceremonies and ribbon versions

This document accompanied the Hagana ribbon award certificate and served as invitation to the award ceremony
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The official announcement that accompanied the ribbon and the certificate

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Probably certificate accompanying the ribbon for fallen soldiers

Issue of 1995:

Hagana Ribbon - award document


Hagana Ribbon - award document

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The Haganah Ribbon - award ceremonies

The Haganah ribbon was awarded after a committee headed by Israel Amir, head of the Ministry of Defense personnel department, determined the eligibility of every candidate. More than 44,000 ribbons were granted. The first ribbons were presented in Jerusalem on June 9, 1958, after a parade of 4000 Haganah veterans. Other ceremonies were held all over Israel.
The son of late Ze'ev Zhabotinsky, Ari Zhabotinsky, refused to accept the ribbon that his father was entitled to, in protest to what he considered the government's disregard for the contribution of the underground organizations (Etzel and Lechi), split-offs of the Haganah, to the struggle for independence of the State of Israel.

Here follow some pictures of the June 9, 1958 ceremony.


Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony

Left to right: Chaim Laskov, Shaul Avi Gur,Yaacov Dori, David Ben Gurion,
President Ben Zvi, Yisrael Galili, Shimon Peres, Meir Amit, Mattityahu Peled

Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony

President Ben Zvi pins the ribbon on Ben Gurion's costume
Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony
The ribbon is presented to Yaacov Dori, the first Chief of Staff of the Haganah and IDF, later president of the Technion.
Below his award certificate and the original ribbon.
Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony

David Ben Gurion pins the ribbon on Yigael Yadin, second IDF Chief of Staff

Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony

David Ben Gurion presents the Haganah Ribbon to Chief Of Staff Chaim Laskov

Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony

Moshe Dayan

Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony
Haganah award ceremony in Givatayim

Pictures: Government Press Office,
Pridan Moshe
Text: "Israel, Army and Defence, A Dictionary" by Zeev Schiff and Eitan Haber, 1976

Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony
Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony
Hagana Ribbon - award ceremony


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