The Magen Yerushalaim Badge

(Defense of Jerusalem Badge)

Awarded to every soldier who served under the command of the O.C. Jerusalem area between 1 April 1948 and 10 June 1948.  Made of bronze, a shield with a sword and spray of laurel in white metal (the emblem of the pre-State Army, the Haganah), below, the Hebrew inscription  “Jerusalem”. Weight: 3.15g. With safety-pin back, in the style of Israeli awards of that time. The badge was worn on the left pocket of both military and civilian dress.



Here we present two slightly different versions of the badge.

Source: © Simon Shafir

Source: © Igor Ostapenko


Next some pictures of people wearing the badge.

Min. Of Justice Dov Yosef
, who was governor of Jerusalem during the War of Independence. (05/11/1951)
Picture: Government Press Office, Teddy Brauner)


David Shaltiel, who was district commander of the Haganah in Jerusalem during the War of Independence. His french style uniform is completed with a 'Hitelmacher' hat. On this hat the Magen Yerushalaim Badge


Israel Police Inspector Bosmi (R) with Jordan Police Lt. Naziv
 at a meeting of local commanders at Mandelbaum Gate, Jerusalem, 08/06/1953
(Picture: Government Press Office, Teddy Brauner)


Enlarged detail of above picture

The badge was soon replaced by a clasp on the War of Independence ribbon as presented below. With thanks to the seller of this item on Ebay coinalex1954