Clasps mounted on the War of Independence Ribbon

With the establishment of the Israel Defense Forces in 1948, all underground organizations were abolished. Elite forces such as the legendary Palmach ceased to exist, although many of their members were absorbed in the IDF.

War of Independence Ribbon

Several years after the
War of Independence ribbon was instituted in 1951, it became common for former Palmach members to fix claps on this ribbon, in remembrance of the special role they played during the struggle for an independent Israel.



Yitzchak Rabin, with 2 clasps on the War of Independence ribbon
(Picture: Government Press Office)



Enlarged detail

The left clasp is the Palmach badge, the right one is the badge for the defense of Jerusalem.


At the left the Palmach emblem, at the right the badge for defenders of Jerusalem


The Decoration of State Warriors was instituted in 1968 in honor of all former underground organizations. The military version of this decoration is a clasp in the form of a biblical candle, to be mounted on the War of Independence Ribbon.



Decoration of State Warriors

With this new clasp, the two others did not disappear. Some wore all three of them on the ribbon, as can be seen on the picture below.

Lieutenant - General Elazar.

The most left ribbon
has the 3 clasps mounted on it.

Source: Igor Ostapenko

Major-General Eli Zaira

On the ribbon below the clasp for service in the Jewish Brigade Group appears next to the Decoration of State Warriors:

Source: Igor Ostapenko

Some sample pictures of the small clasp:

The Jewish Brigade Clasp
Source: Historama


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