Decorations of the underground organizations active till 1948
"Prisoners Award" medal

Etzel "Prisoners Award" medal - front

Etzel "Prisoners Award" medal - Back

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Irgun/Etzel "Prisoners Award" medal issued to members of that underground Revisionist Zionist organization who were deported by the British and held in detention camps in East Africa (Eritrea, Kenya, Sudan; Sembel, Gilgil camps), from 1944-48 (during the Hebrew Revolt and start of the Israeli War of Independence). Issued by the "Association of Etzel Soldiers".
Fighting Force Medal

1943-1948 Fighting Force, Strike Units, issued by the Association of Etzel Soldiers.

Igor Ostapenko


Clasp for wounded to be placed on the ribbon of the medal.
Simon Shafir

Badge for the wounded without medal
Igor Ostapenko

This clasp reminds the Badge for the disabled later introduced by the IDF


Commemorative medal for 20 years since the opening of the second front 1946-1966 

Simon Shafir


With the outbreak of the Second World War, the Etzel ceased the struggle against the British. After the war, the Irgun General Headquarters decided to renew activity in Europe and to launch a "second front" which included the organization of immigration to the land of Israel and violent activities against the British.


Read the Etzel Regulations for decorations (hebrew PDF file)  - with thanks to Nati Cantorovich

Etzel veteran with the Fighting Force Medal, the Etzel service ribbon,
the War of Independence Campaign ribbon and State Warriors badge.