Proposal to add a medal to the War of Independence campaign ribbon

After the War of Independence Ribbon was instituted, some people realized that this was a rather modest reward, compared to what was common in other armies and proposed to add a medal to the ribbon. Here below is a picture of what was probably a design for such a medal.


Shown is here only the front side of the proposal, depicting a sword covered with what is probably a fig leaf, on this the seven armed candelabra and an olive branch. The text says: "For active service in the War of Independence 1948-1949".

The design of a medal hanging on a bar was a typical British design for service medals, as the picture of the UK India Service medal shows. It is quite remarkable that the IDF took an example to such a design, considering that the struggle for independence of Israel was in the first stages against the British army. On the other hand, many IDF officers served in the British army during WWII and brought home the British military traditions.

Below an IDF document from February 1953, dealing with the proposal, stating that the proposed medal has a 35 mm diameter. The letter expresses a request to increase the thickness of the proposed medal that was only 2 mm, "in comparison with the British medals that have a thickness of 3.5 mm."

The proposal was never realized - only service ribbons were awarded.


UK India Service medal


Source: IDF archive

With thanks to Tal Inbar